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I'm gonna take a few!
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Hey followers,

    I know it's been a loong long time since i was more active on dA. 
To be real, the community feels very different than when I started around 10 years ago, like its less tight-knit. Or maybe the the site is bigger? I might just be exaggerating. But I guess the reason I havn't been posting is cause I was busy with void, with my retail job that I recently quit, with switching out of several majors that I hated. 

    Recently, though, I decided to take my career in art more seriously-- Illustration to be more specific.
I just returned to San Jose State only to find out that I can't join their program and I'm stuck in Fine Arts. There's nothing wrong with Fine Arts but I feel like it doesn't challenge me in what I really want to do, which is to work for entertainment.

    So I'm trying to take all that time I spent self-teaching ans studying and applying myself more to be more active on not only dA but my personal Tumblr account as well.

    Recently me and my roommate Keeterz bough a table for Fanime 2015. It's forcing me to create pieces that I'll soon post here and I'm both excited and cautious about the event. I'm hoping that in participating, I can't get my name out there and networking with more artist. 

    Shit, it might kick start a possible gig in doing commisions on a regular basis.

    I'm also brainstorming personal projects that I'm down to post once finalized. 

I hope all ya'll are having a good end of the month and stay passionate about your work.